Welcome to Stercussoft Ltd

You have come to the right place to get help for your computer, tablet, or smart phone.
We support both Microsoft Computers and Apple Mac computers.
We come to your office or home, and help you with your computer or computers.
If necessary we provide a pick-up and delivery service for your computer if it needs repairs in our workshop. Our service is prompt and efficient, so you will not be without your computer for very long.
If you are one of our customers we can have a friendly phone call with you to fix small problems..
We also provide remote access services which means that if you ring us we can arrange to access your computer over the internet to fix what is going wrong.


We can help you set up your new computer, organise your Internet service, set up your network, and problem solving when things go wrong. We fix both hardware faults and problems with your software applications and programs.
We provide expert technical assistance. Our technicians have many years’ experience with Microsoft Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office Applications. The latest Windows 10 operating system maybe a mystery to some, but not to us. In fact we have been helping with computers for many years starting with Windows '98 then Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
We also understand Mac OSX, Lion and Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, Mojave and Catalina.


It can also be difficult knowing what to do when you are new to computers.
We provide expert tuition for people who are new to computers. We help with Email, Internet, Word and Excel.

Other Gadgets

We can also help with printers, scanners, cameras, and webcams.

New Computers

Having trouble deciding what to buy? We can give you advice on what is appropriate for your needs.
We supply computers to suit your requirements, desktop computers, all in one computers, and laptop computers.   Also. monitors, and printers, as well as keyboards, mouse, speakers

Websites and Graphic Design

We can design you a website.  
We make advertising flyers.  
We can turn your logo sketch into an electronic file for your business card and stationary.


New Zealand

Ph: +6495247976

Mob +6421795561

Computer Help

Computer servicing for Small Business and Home Users

Helping you Control your Computer